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Porcelain, Lava Rock & Crystal Necklace

Porcelain, Lava Rock & Crystal Necklace

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Offering a long unique necklace made with tear drop shape porcelain pieces, lava rock, and crystal beads. The porcelain beads are a turquoise shade and have a smooth, polished finish. The lava rock round and flat oblong shaped beads are black and they have a smooth finish. The crystal beads are clear and add a touch of sparkle. Necklace measures 27" long allowing many different styles of wear. Necklace does not have a clasp.

This piece is a perfect gift for someone who loves unique and stylish jewelry, or someone who wants to add a touch of nature to their wardrobe. A local estate find the lady said she bought it on a trip to Italy in the early 80's.

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