Our Story

My name is Cindy DeVries, and my husband, Steve Barnes, and I have been married for over 30 years. From 1984 to 2001 Steve and I owned a Telecom business in Denver and lived in the mountains. Once available we purchased an old cabin on the next property filled with antiques and collectibles, we were then hooked on old stuff. Fast forward to 2008, we opened Olde Inverness Antiques and the rest is history. Throughout our journey we've enticed the best dealers around to join us along the way. The Citrus County melting pot of retirees who brought their "good stuff" provides an unending supply of quality antiques. These retirees come from all over the world and have brought their treasures with them, and we are still hooked with enjoyment. This offers access to antiques and collectibles that might not be available in other areas and as a result our retail prices are often below wholesale compared to other parts of the country. We invite you to come take a trip down memory lane and share your stories. We offer a well displayed, clean and fun atmosphere that is a good workout for the eyes.

Our motto and what started it all.
"I like old things that time has tried and proven strong and good and fine; I like old things - they have a depth unknown by anything that's new." Attributed to Cora Mae Preble

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